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Florida is an at-will state. This means that your employer can terminate you with a good reason, a bad reason, or give you no reason at all. There are some exceptions to the at-will standard. The rules are discussed below:

EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS: If the employer and employee enter into a written contract for a specified term. There must be a beginning date and an end date. Each state in the United States may differ on what is required to make a binding employment contract. In Florida, in order for an employment contract to be binding and enforceable, there must be stated in the contract, the date the employment is to begin, the date the employment is to end and the salary the employee is to receive. Typically, if one of these elements is missing, the contract is not enforceable.

OTHER TYPES OF CONTRACTS: Other types of contracts arising out of the employment relationship include:

            (1) Restrictive Covenant Agreements: Are usually signed at the beginning of employment. Usually, the employee is                     eager to get to work and will sign whatever the employer asks. Restrictive Covenant Agreements limit the employee's                     ability to work for competitiors or similiar businesses for a period of time. There are specific rules in Florida for a                               Restrictive Covenanat Agreement's enforceability.

            (2) Severance Packages: When an employer terminates an employee in Florida, it is not required that the employer                       provide a severance package or severance pay. In some instances, you may be offered a severance package or                             severance pay. Usually, the employer will require that you sign away all other legal claims. If you believe you have some                 other type of employment claim, discrimination, retaliation, workers' compensation, you should contact an attorney                           immediately before signing any severance agreement.

  Every state has different laws and rules for employment contracts. If you are not in Florida, make sure to contact an
  attorney in your home state. To learn more about contract claims in Florida, please click here.

To learn more about the restrictive covenants, click here.

DISCRIMINATION:Although an employer may terminate the employment of an employee at any time, for any reason, the employer may not discriminate in the process of the termination. Discrimination occurs when an employee, who is in a protected class, is treated differently than others not in the protected class with regard to the terms and conditions of employment. At Lyne Law, P.A., in Jacksonville, Florida, I help employees who were the victims of wrongful termination because of discrimination.

  Federal law governs discrimination claims. Some states also make state laws that may expand your rights under                   state law. If you are not in Florida, make sure to contact an attorney in your home state. To learn more about                         discrimination claims in Florida, please click here.